A Hollywood Producer & Bitcoin Fan Explores Making a ‘Real’ Crypto Flick

A producer of Netflix hit “Mudbound” thinks he has what it takes to make a crypto movie that won’t bore people to death or fill their brains with inaccuracies about the space. If you value the Oscars, you may believe he could pull this off considering “Mudbound” managed to get a nomination from the Academy Awards.

Using the Twitter handle @CommonEnemyInc, he threw out the idea on social media. Kyle Tekiela is named as a “five-time Emmy award winner and co-founder of Common Enemy” on the company’s website.

Fellow enthusiasts yearn for a movie that does the space justice, unlike “Crypto”. The Kurt Russell-starring movie was widely criticized for being produced by people who didn’t get bitcoin. With his passion for crypto, especially bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, @CommonEnemyInc could pull off a flick that outdoes the others.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/hollywood-producer-bitcoin-flick

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Author: Neo Anderson

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