AI Goes Full Blockchain with Cortex MainNet Launch

Cortex Labs, the world’s first team to successfully combine AI and blockchain, has launched its MainNet on schedule after 15 months of innovation and development. The Cortex MainNet arrived on June 26, 6 PM GMT+ 8, thus introducing to the world the first open, public, AI-powered ecosystem. Cortex Labs is on a mission to democratize AI and prevent the creation of AI monopolies, by building an open-source environment to host trained AI models.

For the first time, instead of going through a black box process, users can run AI models on the blockchain in a decentralized, immutable, and transparent manner. Every step of the AI inference process is verified and recorded on the Cortex MainNet.

To facilitate openness and participation, Cortex has also open-sourced all of its code, adding a layer of transparency and inviting developers to explore the blockchain’s potential.


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Author: Neo Anderson

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