AI turns anyone into a skilled photographer

We’ve gone hands-on with Huawei’s P30 Pro to review its AI capabilities and determine whether it’s a gimmick or a useful implementation.

The company’s flagship P-series of smartphones focuses on camera innovations. With this latest device, we’re seeing that trend continue. There are clear enhancements to existing features in addition to a few new things for us to play with.

In the Mate 20, Huawei’s previous flagship, the company expanded the number of scenes and objects its AI could recognise to 5,000 different objects and 1,500 different scenarios across 25 categories.

While impressive, many ended up switching the feature off and Huawei even released an update to do so by default. Objects were often misrecognised and images ended up looking poorer.

Huawei has made clear improvements with the P30 Pro. Aside from one amusing occurrence where my dog was recognised as a panda – and I’m fairly sure he’s not – the AI recognition has excelled, and even surprised (in a good way.)


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Author: Neo Anderson

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