App to deliver ‘magic button’ that delivers full control over finances

A crypto-focused app is going to boast a “magic button” that enables users to “securely perform virtually any transaction imaginable with just one tap.”A new ecosystem with a goal of bridging the centralized and decentralized worlds of digital finance is going to be home to a brand-new DeFi platform that allows consumers to become their own bank.

As the interest rates offered by bank accounts remain lackluster, Chainge Finance says it aims to offer a point of difference by offering Bitcoin and USDT rewards to savers.Whereas Chainge Finance is an application layer, Fusion delivers the base layer structure that makes it all possible — delivering features that other digital finance platforms cannot.

Fusion and Chainge Finance share a founder in DJ Qian, who also co-founded Anyswap, Vechain and QTUM. The European Central Bank highlighted Fusion’s infrastructure in a recent report too, setting out how it is an open-source solution for connecting blockchains that makes full use of decentralized control rights management.

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