We are already familiar with the word Artificial intelligence, aren’t we?
In computer science, artificial intelligence (AI), sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals.
Artificial emotional intelligence is something which will take our technological advancement to another level.
Understanding of human emotions by the machines just by our facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, force of keystrokes, and more to determine a human emotional state and then react to it is called artificial emotional intelligence.
Now the question comes that how the Artificial emotional intelligence works?
So the answer to it is, database of machine is increased and grown to understand and react accordingly. The webcams present on our computers and machines, Analyses our expressions, including trillions of real world data, deep learning algorithms, speech science, and as the data base increases and grows, the ability to understand and react increases, the algorithms gets better in identifying the nicety of human communication.
Now the question might be coming that why are we moving and investing so much in this technology of Artificial emotional intelligence?
This is because, Artificial emotional intelligence in computing technology can help brands, agencies, and media companies improve their advertising and marketing messages.
Emotion is the key thing behind the consumer behavior and consumer decision making, and brands already know this.
So to understand the consumer emotional engagement with their brands, they are spending their so much money in it.

Some of the companies who are already using it for providing better product and services include :-
1)Affectiva: This software recognition company collects all the information of the users by analyzing the facial expressions of its consumers, this data is compared to the companies emotional database and benchmark of the sells lifts.
This company is also helping automobile industry to figure out the ways to improve the passenger experience including road safety and transportation experience.
2)Realeys: This is also another company which is helping the marketers by giving them important information by doing market research. It is capable of giving the critical feedback to the marketers regarding their ad campaigns.
3)Cogito: It has the capability to identify the callers mood which helps the agents to deal with the customers in real time.
4)CompanionMx: It offers a mental health monitoring app that can identify signs of mood changes and anxiety when someone speaks in their phones.
5)BioEssence: It senses changes in heart beat of person to identify pain, stress, and frustration and then releases a scent to help the person through that emotional state.

Artificial emotional intelligence is going to help us a lot in the coming years and will lead us towards more technologically advanced world.
It is also said that by 2025, the global affective computing market will reach $174 billion.

Hope that this piece of information on Artificial emotional intelligence will be of help to you.

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Author: Rosy Verma

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