Aussie Digital – An E-Commerce Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

An E-commerce Ecosystem-based around an ERC20 Digital Coin that will include a powerful Amazon-like store builder packed with powerful digital marketing tools and a B2B Trading Platform that integrates Social Media in unprecedented ways along with other multiple services powered by blockchain technology.

In essence, we are building a community that brings value by providing a new lush ‘Fun-shopping’ environment to all members
whilst becoming the preferred method of payment. By participating in this Ecosystem, all members can gain Rewards through our Loyalty Club in the form of our Rewards Coin (AUDcoin) at no extra cost to the merchant or detriment to the user’s experience. The merchant and customer get to see the automatic reward points in real time and have the ability to convert them to cash or token. Both the merchants and the customers feel real value. 

Since it’s an end-to-end e-commerce ecosystem, Aussie Digital has got a lot of services.
Together, all of them make your everyday life easier and smarter. The payment to use them is done in AUD coins.
This way, the tokens will be circulated across the ecosystem. And that’s how their value will get a real boost. Now,
let’s get a rundown on these services.

There are two objectives of the token sale:
To increase market adoption of the coin.
To raise funds to further develop and streamline the use of Aussie Digital.

The sale will be through a written contract. All the funds collected will be channeled to power the platform,
further market the coin and diversify its uses so as to increase its value.

Token Sale Coming Soon
ICO date: 27th May, 2019Website: www.aussiedigital.ioICO Price: 1 CentTicker: AUDTotal Supply: 25,000,000,000 AUD

Aussie Digital is airdropping 400,000,000 tokens to their community members. Visit our airdrop, signup there and join our Telegram channel to receive 5000 tokens instantly in your dashboard. And you can earn 5000 more tokensby following our social media channels.
Earn More Coins by participating in our Affiliate ProgramWe offer lucrative rewards with a 3 level program.Earn 10% on your first sign up another 3% if they sign up another member and another 1% if they sign somebody else up.All you need to do is signup, get your Affiliate code and start promoting.
For more information contact us at

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