Bitcoin & Litecoin Trading Report, April 2020

As you are aware, the financial markets have been going through high volatility since Feb 2020 because of the panic and fear from coronavirus.

Bitcoin and Litecoin have also corrected sharply for the same reasons.

Crypto Block Times is pleased to publish the latest Bitcoin & Litecoin Trading Report with Price Targets till Dec 2020.

Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) have established themselves as the top two favorite Cryptocurrencies for a wide range of investors and traders, and these two coins present some of the best investing and trading opportunities in various timeframes.

Litecoin and Bitcoin charts started on a similar structure, but they have become different now, and their trading strategy is not the same. Of course, Bitcoin is the market leader, and any major rally in cryptocurrencies is possible only with a rally in Bitcoin.

Contents of the Report:

  • Bitcoin – Fundamental Analysis
  • Bitcoin – Technical Analysis
  • Litecoin – Fundamental Analysis
  • Litecoin – Technical Analysis

The Report will you give price targets for Dec 2020, and also Dec 2022.

The Report also describes the levels below which breakdown will happen, and you have to be cautious about those levels, and plan your trades and investments as suggested in the report.

We have been dealing with Cryptocurrencies since 2017, and with each passing month, the Cryptocurrencies are getting more mature in the financial markets, which is a very positive sign for their future.

Over the last two years, we have consulted various investors on their cryptocurrency plans and positions, and this report aims to help a wider range of investors and traders.

When in doubt, we must stick with quality, and Bitcoin is the topmost quality cryptocurrency investment. If you go by the examples of Amazon and Google over last 10-20 years, the long term gains are likely to be the best with Bitcoin. So it makes sense to focus on Bitcoin as the core pillar of your cryptocurrency investments.

We believe this report will be useful and valuable for any Investor or Trader dealing with Cryptocurrencies.

Report is available for: USD $10 only.
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Most buyers of this report can make 100X of the cost using the inputs given in it.
And large investors can use this report as a sounding board for their own investing and trading decisions. Of course, we will be using the same report to create gains this year.
You are welcome to join us too. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thanks!

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