Bitcoin Millionaire Admits Steamy Sex Affair, Denies Model’s Grisly Murder

Bitcoin tycoon and Everus World founder Alex Johnson and his wife engaged in a threesome that ended with the mysterious death of a Dutch model in December 2017. Ever since, the couple has been living as outcasts, moving from one city to another while hiding from the anger and threats of vigilantes.

Now, after 18 months, the Johnsons have broken the silence, claiming their innocence in the grisly murder case and calling for an end to their “witch hunt.”

While they denied their involvement in her death, the couple confessed that they had sex with the model on the night she plunged to her death in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Bitcoin millionaire Alex Johnson and his wife Luna first met teenage model Ivana Smit in October 2017 in a Kuala Lumpur nightclub. WhatsApp messages between the couple and Smit exposed that the trio spent multiple nights together in November and December 2017.


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Author: Neo Anderson

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