Bitcoin Murder-for-Hire Plot Lands Jilted Lover 12 Years in Prison

The most persistent myth about bitcoin is that the dominant cryptocurrency allows users to make anonymous transactions. That myth may have contributed to the downfall of Tina Jones, an Illinois woman who will now spend 12 years in jail for a murder-for-hire plot gone awry.

Earlier today, Jones, a 33-year-old nurse, pleaded guilty to hiring a hitman to murder the wife of her former lover. She admitted to paying a supposed assassin market – the Sicilian Hitman International Network – $12,000 in bitcoin over a series of three months.

According to CBS Chicago, Jones – a registered nurse – had struck up an illicit affair with a fellow employee at the Loyola University Medical Center. Both Jones and her lover were married, and Jones decided to murder the man’s wife after he broke off the relationship.


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Author: Neo Anderson

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