Bitcoin Trader Claims Funds Misdirected

Sistemkoin is a medium-sized Turkish crypto exchange. At the present time, they have a volume of more than $150 million. We received a report from a Sistemkoin user, who will remain anonymous, who had a severe problem when withdrawing funds from Sistemkoin: they went to the wrong address.

However, when the withdrawal was processed, it went to a different address altogether: 0x18cbb649154917b94216c4059152506cb5712758. The transaction should have been sent to 0xa5b456cc24e03ada01403fcff9f7be048c074cdc. We can see by checking the blockchain that this address never received a transfer in the amount of 12.63~ Ether. However, around the same time, the other address did.

The same address has received numerous transactions, amounting to about 75 Ether over the last four months. Many of the transfers have come from Sistemkoin – 0x5bcbf9f3ef9521a548e7e8b697ecfe29fc2933e1 being the address they apparently process withdrawals from. Some have come from Binance. But they invariably are immediately sent to CREX24, a little known exchange.


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Author: Neo Anderson

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