Blockchain-based VR world aims to take virtual reality to the next level

A blockchain project says it is taking virtual reality to the next level by creating the “3D internet” — a world that is built and owned by the people who use it.A blockchain project says it offers the first Massive Multiplayer Online Open World boasting photorealistic graphics in virtual reality — a world built and owned by users.

The use cases for Victoria VR don’t end here, as users can also buy their very own plot of VR land and create “literally anything” — monetizing it without being limited by the laws of physics and space. ictoria VR’s founders also believe that this technology could prove an invaluable educational resource. (eg. DeFi Project)

According to Victoria VR, a portal system means that its ecosystem can connect to all VR projects, games etc., This platform is also a decentralized autonomous organization, meaning it is completely controlled by its passionate community.There is no doubt that virtual reality will change everything in every field, and in every industry.”

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