Blockchain celebrates first anniversary with series of engaging contests

A decentralized blockchain is celebrating its first anniversary with a series of engaging contests — and anyone can get involved. Champagne corks are flying as a blockchain network with decentralization at its heart celebrates its first anniversary.

It is rumored that Prada model and artist Sasha Pivovarova may be among the world-famous artists planning to enter this contest — and the beauty of its decentralized nature means their applications will be considered alongside everyone else who wishes to get involved. Elsewhere, a contest has been taking place to launch Free TON’s DeBot technology into web browsers.

Some of the top priorities for Free TON in the coming 12 months — taking it up to its second anniversary in May 2022 — include further development of use cases and partnerships through its unique, meritocracy-based model. As increasing numbers of switched on, digitally savvy consumers begin to explore what cryptocurrencies and blockchain have to offer. After achieving so much in just one year, this is a project that intends to achieve a ton in the next.

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