Boom! Crypto Hack Victim Wins Bombshell $75 Million Case

Crypto investor and entrepreneur Michael Terpin was awarded $75.8 million in California’s Supreme Court in a civil judgment against a man Terpin claims stole cryptocurrency assets from him. But Terpin has only just begun. The entrepreneur is also pursuing damages from AT&T and other members of the 21-year-old defendant’s gang.

Nicolas Truglia, the defendant in the civil case, resides in New York and has been arrested for six other crimes. Investigations into the man and his gang’s alleged criminal activities are on-going.

Terpin’s crusade isn’t over yet. Despite being awarded compensation for losses – which amounted to $23.8 million at the time – and punitive damages exceeding $50 million, the blockchain entrepreneur is also pursuing AT&T for $224 million.


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Author: Neo Anderson

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