Boost for smart contracts as oracle system goes live on Binance Smart Chain

An oracle system has launched on Binance Smart Chain — enhancing DApps by allowing smart contracts to access real-world data.An oracle system has launched on Binance Smart Chain — enabling developers to create DApps and decentralized autonomous organizations that are fueled by real-world data.

Smart contracts have been touted as an effective way of transforming the way that businesses around the world operate. Meanwhile, DAOs are set to ensure that a series of jobs can be automated, allowing companies to operate in a truly decentralized fashion. However, a big stumbling block lies in how smart contracts cannot access external data without the use of an oracle.

Tron network tokens can be transferred to Binance Smart Chain — and a number of other new features are also in the works at present. “Bridge Oracle aims to connect real-world data with the blockchain, and a blockchain with other blockchains. Connectivity is the best word to describe this project,” he added.

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