In this modern times, We easily feel alone, stressed and depressed, and need someone to talk with. Today we are going to learn about a chatbot recently developed by Facebook researchers called, DUBBED BLENDER.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence a team of Facebook researchers have developed a new chatbot, called “Dubbed Blender” combining it with a little Artificial empathy, general knowledge, personality and a huge amount of training data, taking it towards the way of good artificial chit chat. When it comes to speaking to someone or chit chatting like humans, it requires some understanding, common sense, emotions, ability to read other persons feelings and we all know, that machines doesn’t have all this feelings in them.

But the snippets shared by Facebook showed the bot talking about any topic cordially, still Blender gets in trouble in conversation, if any tricky question is asked. All the good progress happening around is because of so much developments in machine learning programs, a big thanks to it.

Also, earlier Microsoft released a AI program called DIALOG PT, trained on 147 million conversations from Reedit. Google also released a chatbot called Meena for conversing with humans, but the facebook Blender is more advanced, it has much more training data based on Bot that captures first empathetic conversation, second tuned to different personalities and third that includes general knowledge. It’s been trained on a whopping 9.4 billion parameters – nearly 4x as many as Google’s Meena and more than 10x as many as the previous largest open source chatbot available on the internet. This chatbot blends together all the learning form all the available data sets. Comparing to other open source models, Blender is more preferred amongst others. During a recent test between it and Meena, using ACUTE-Eval method, 67% of users found Blender to sound more human, and 75% of users showed their interest in engaging with Blender over Meena for longer conversations.

Hope this was useful, and you now know about facebook chatbot “Dubbed Blender” well.

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Author: Rosy Verma

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