Cointelegraph Consulting: Deep diving with Ethereum whales

The 10-largest Ethereum whales have accumulated roughly $10 billion, but their investment behavior suggests some are still hungry.Apart from the amount of Ethereum that the whales hold, another defining characteristic of the group is its investment behavior pattern: It goes long on its assets and, probably, on the ecosystem itself.

The largest whales in terms of the total value of assets held display a different pattern as nine out of 10 hold both ETH and ERC-20 tokens and have been actively trading different tokens since 2017. Their vast portfolios have also held assets, such as Uniswap (UNI), Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) and Binance Coin (BNB), which are popular ERC-20 tokens. 

China has completed its first cross-border pilot of the digital yuan with Hong Kong, though it has been outpaced by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank that has launched DCash, the digital version of the official currency of the eight countries in the union. Sweden and Japan are lagging behind, with the different phases of the pilots in progress. At last, the Russian central bank has also announced its plans to launch a digital ruble in 2023.

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