Copyright infringement and NFTs: How artists can protect themselves

What are NFT platforms doing to protect their users against copyright infringement, and what steps can artists take to ensure their work isn’t repurposed without their consent? Copyright infringement in the online world has been an issue ever since the internet entered our lives. With a copy-and-paste culture, upload unauthorized versions of chart-topping songs, and repurpose jaw-dropping photographs and videos.

It is also possible to mint NFTs with a watermark and add unlockable content with a high-resolution, watermark-free copy that the buyer can receive upon purchasing a token.  And, if art is published for the first time in the form of an NFT, the blockchain itself can serve as an immutable record that offers protection.

“As with all innovative technological breakthroughs, NFTs offer exciting opportunities for creators, but along with this freedom of opportunity. “Unique.One hopes that artists lean into proactivity and take steps to address the challenges brought on by innovation while enjoying the opportunity it brings.”

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