Crypto Exchange Binance Continues to Expand Portfolio

Crypto Exchange Binance is considered to be the largest cryptocurrency exchange, in terms of trading volumes. The exchange founded in September 2017, has gone on to claim the top spot.

The company was founded in China, however, it later shifted its base to Japan, after the Chinese government imposed a complete ban on crypto trading in the same month of its launch. Nonetheless, Binance has been developing a great platform. It has earned a considerable amount of success within a very short period of time. As of date, the market cap of Binance Exchange was valued over $846 million.

The exchange has focused continuously to bring newer options for the users and has added several pairing options on the platform. In fact, the exchange also launched an eponymous digital currency. The Binance is currently ranked 14th in the list of most valued cryptocurrencies, with a total market cap of well over $3 billion.


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Author: Neo Anderson

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