Ethereum Governance is Currently Underrated

In the most recent episode of Into the Ether, Vitalik Buterin appears to discuss all things Ethereum. One of the subjects that came up was the Ethereum governance model. Eric Conner asked Buterin about on-chain governance models, and his thoughts on how Ethereum’s governance stacks up against them.

He goes on to say that both of these things can lead to more harm than good. In the context of dispute resolution and fund recovery, he says you’re opening up a “Pandora’s box.” Where can you draw the line if transactions lose immutability? He also says that decentralized funding of public good projects is easily gameable – in an anonymous context, how can you delineate between a wealthy Ethereum holder or someone that’s legitimately trying to do good?

Later in the episode, Buterin talks about privacy in Ethereum. He says that he currently is working on a patch that will make it harder to determine if the same wallet is interacting with multiple decentralized applications. The host claims that he uses a different Ethereum wallet for every dApp he uses, as a way to protect his privacy. They both agreed that privacy is paramount for Ethereum’s long-term viability.


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Author: Neo Anderson

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