Ethereum Won’t Fail: Joseph Lubin

It’s no secret Ethereum was among the hardest hit coins during the crypto winter after a tough year of regulatory uncertainty surrounding security tokens and ICOs. If anyone should seem worried, it would be blockchain pioneer Joseph Lubin, whose company ConsenSys is an incubator for Ethereum projects. Yet, he couldn’t appear further from losing sleep.

Increasingly, there are reasons to be optimistic about the Ethereum’s future. Most recently SEC Chairman Jay Clayton seemingly agreed that digital assets might not be securities based on the Howey framework. ConsenSys is “intimately associated with the Ethereum protocol.” It has 85 Ethereum blockchain protocol engineers busy building day in and day out.

When times are good in the market, it brings attention to the ecosystem. Technologists and entrepreneurs are busy building. “There is way more activity in our ecosystem now than a year or 18 months ago,” said Lubin. Fewer people pay attention to the price of the token. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing because there’s a far greater increase in the number of people building things such as privacy and confidentiality systems, scalability solutions, and ETH 2.0.


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Author: Neo Anderson

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