Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Becomes Parody of Himself in Bizarre Crypto Rap

The video features a cringeworthy “unicorn” dance with backdrops peppered with cartoon sharks. The song seems to have two parts, and the apparent cohesion of the dance moves and the lyrics seems to imply that the team worked hard on the choreography and lyrics. The delivery might not be Grammy-worthy, but many will be surprised to see such uncharacteristic enthusiasm from the crypto-millionaire and techno-wunderkind.

Does Ethereum scaling need a rap song to gain traction? We want to think not, but certainly, the platform has had some growing pains in recent times. Then there was the memorable episode with Afri Schoedon, in which the developer trolled the community and ended up quitting after receiving many vitriolic comments in response.

Rap music has long been a part of the crypto community. One of the most successful Bitcoin artists, ZhouTonged, has many thousands of views on YouTube.


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Author: Neo Anderson

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