Euro-pegged stablecoin at heart of DeFi protocol that’s taking on Tether

A rebranded crypto platform has launched a decentralized stablecoin that’s pegged to the euro, and says this asset will be crucial in encouraging the next wave of adoption.A crypto payments platform has undergone a rebrand — and has launched a new suite of easy-to-understand applications that are designed to deliver innovation in decentralized finance.


The authors wrote: “The new users coming into our industry today have a lower risk tolerance, which can be seen by the increase of stablecoin usage for transfers compared to using volatile cryptocurrencies for transfers. At the same time, these new users are not looking for high risk, high return, but instead they are looking for returns denominated in their own currency.”

Looking ahead, Mimo believes that its protocol, as well as the PAR stablecoin, has an irresistible opportunity to cater to the “crypto curious” by delivering straightforward access to savings and loans at competitive rates. The crypto industry is about to see a new group of users begin to experience their very first contact with digital assets.

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