Evimeria – A new Ecosystem focussed on Charitable giving! [PoSV3]

Evimeria is the bridge between generosity and the people who need it the most.
We will use the blockchain to track transactions, verify the legitimacy of charities and ensure the safety of donations.
The purpose of the Evimeria Platform is to bring transparency and accountability to the field of charitable donations in an effort to stem corruption by allowing incoming cryptocurrency donations for specific causes or campaigns to be permanently viewable, audit-able and traceable.

The Evimeria Donations Platform

Brings solutions to problems currently facing the charity industry by enhancing transparency and traceability.
By enabling the acceptance of cryptocurrencies for fundraising campaigns, donors can donate to charity in any cryptocurrency that will then be converted into EVI tokens at the current exchange rate.
The Evimeria Donations Platform will be comprised of both private and public-facing platforms and will include a dashboard.
Another feature within the platform is a control panel widget to manually raise or lower the limit of EVI that can be donated in a single transaction, set as either a calculated percentage of the current true USD-to-EVI exchange rate or as a hard-coded quantity of EVI regardless of the exchange rate.

A Proof of Stake blockchain​
Using the PoSv3 protocol, with 24/7 staking.
Privacy or anonymity in regards to transactions are not mandatory in this platform or on this blockchain, as one of its primary purposes is to surface, record, and publicly maintain a transparent record of all donations received by a charity, and which unique donor gave it to them (unless that donor has indicated that all of their contributions should remain hidden from public view).

Exchanges to buy our tokens



The EVI-Only exchange EviEx will be the only place which offers EVI tokens
EviEx is already in beta and you can test it with fake tokens, you can try it out here :

Instruction how to get the fake tokens :

Beta version ends on April 29th 2019, the exchange itself is scheduled to see in live action early May!



Join US 
Telegram EviEx – t.me/eviex
Telegram Evimeria – t.me/evimeria
Discord – https://discord.gg/tPtzUjS
Twitter – https://twitter.com/evimeriaio
Medium – https://medium.com/@evimeria

Company License Registration
EviEx B.V. is registered in the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands, our company number is 74518003.

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