Facebook’s Libra Crypto Is Basically Just World of Warcraft Gold

One of the world’s leading non-profit cryptocurrency research outfits has joined the chorus of voices playing down the threat that Facebook’s Libra represents to Bitcoin. Citing its lack of decentralization and contrasting it in detail with Bitcoin, Coin Center denounces Libra as little more than World of Warcraft gold.

While many were quick to cheer Facebook’s foray into digital currency, mainly due to the positive impact on mainstream interest, this enthusiasm is fading as the reality of Facebook’s plans have come under scrutiny.

With an adjustable supply and privately controlled ledger, Libra remains under lock-and-key compared to Bitcoin’s unfettered public ledger.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/news/facebook-libra-crypto-world-of-warcraft/2019/07/09/

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Author: Neo Anderson

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