Fed’s Endless Printing Press Will Launch Bitcoin to $100,000

U.S. financial news and opinion broadcaster Max Keiser is a textbook hodler. For the host of the Keiser Report on RT to dispose of the bitcoin he has been accumulating since 2011, his price target of $100,000 will have to be achieved first.

Speaking to Kitco News, Keiser said that since acquiring his first bitcoin eight years ago, he had not sold any of it. According to the broadcaster, this is “because my price target is $100,000 and beyond.”

This is not the first time Keiser has stated that bitcoin will reach $100,000. In his view, this price target will be realized as bitcoin transitions from being a “store-of-value commodity thing to a medium of exchange to a unit of account.”

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/max-keiser-feds-endless-printing-press-will-launch-bitcoin-to-100000

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Author: Neo Anderson

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