Google is creating a dedicated AI ethics panel

Google is aiming to prevent societal disasters caused by its AI technology with the creation of a dedicated ethics panel.

The panel is called the Advanced Technology External Advisory Council (ATEAC) and features a range of academics and experts from around the world.

Eight people are currently on the panel, with some from as far as Hong Kong and South Africa. Among the roster is former US deputy secretary of state William Joseph Burns and University of Bath associate professor Joanna Bryson.

Bryson published a high-profile thesis called ‘Robots Should Be Slaves’ in which she argued against treating robots like people.

“In humanising them,” she wrote, “we not only further dehumanise real people, but also encourage poor human decision making in the allocation of resources and responsibility.”

ATEAC’s diversity is a strong point to ensure various backgrounds are fairly represented. It will focus on areas where AI could have a disastrous societal impact such as facial recognition.


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Author: Neo Anderson

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