Google’s AI ethics panel is already receiving backlash

Google is already facing criticism of its AI ethics panel over featuring a conservative figure with some controversial views.

Kay James is the president of conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation. The foundation has a history of opposing LGBTQ and immigrant rights which many Googlers feel should not be promoted.

A group of Google employees which calls itself ‘Googlers Against Transphobia’ wrote a post criticising Mountain View’s appointment of the Heritage president. They claimed that Google is “making clear that its version of ‘ethics’ values proximity to power over the wellbeing of trans people, other LGBTQ people, and immigrants.”

In the past, James has shared her views on the subject. The Googlers highlighted several recent Twitter posts where she criticised legislation such as the Equality Act, which aims to halt discrimination based on gender identity, sex, and sexual orientation.


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Author: Neo Anderson

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