Grid Dynamics Announces Data Points Webinar on COVID-19 Response Using Advanced Analytics and Data Science on June 10

Data Points is a new conference and webinar series around Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning in enterprise applications. Data Points is an exploration of the steps the world’s leading companies are taking to solve today’s key challenges in B2C operations, customer-facing services, marketing operations, and revenue and supply chain management. For those practicing data science, it’s a chance to meet other experts and explore new tools and techniques; for managers and executives, it’s a place to find solutions to common bottlenecks in the analytics workflow.

Presentations at Data Points are typically given by senior and principal data scientists, data science and analytics managers, analytics executives, and operations research experts from various industries. Data Points topics are around applications of AI/ML and practical usages of deep learning, reinforcement learning, natural language processing, advanced optimization, and computer vision in enterprise operations including marketing, supply chain management, security, and logistics.

Data Point Webinar on June 10 will focus on how leading companies leverage data science and advanced analytics to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. Presentations will be given by Ilya Katsov, Head of Data Science at Grid Dynamics, and Charles Jansen Associate Director, Cognitive Automations, S&P Global. ”It is critical for business and technology leaders to recognize how exactly advanced analytics and data science helps to stabilize operations during the coronavirus disruption, and how to leverage the opportunities created by changes in the competitive landscape and consumer behavior. We organize this webinar to share our expertise and help companies to emerge from the crisis stronger,” said Ilya Katsov, Head of Data Science at Grid Dynamics.

Data Points is produced by Grid Dynamics, a data science and engineering IT services company known for transformative, mission-critical cloud solutions for retail, finance and technology sectors.

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Author: Carol Danvers

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