Here’s Why EOS is the Hottest Crypto Bet This Week

The EOS price is back in green following the upside correction witnessed throughout the cryptocurrency board.

The blockchain asset established an intraday high towards $5.84, up 4.47-percent since the Wednesday open. On a weekly timeframe, EOS was trading 17.97-percent higher than its seven-day low, confirming that the asset was trending higher on an interim basis. The latest push helped EOS to entirely recover its losses incurred during the November’s Bitcoin Cash hard fork fiasco.

On a 24-hour adjusted timeframe, EOS was trending 5.21-percent higher than yesterday. The coin’s market capitalization attracted a decent $32 million within the same timeframe, with daily volume surpassing $3.35 billion. The trading activity looked well-spread, with not one exchange taking more control of the EOS volume than the other. The maximum hands EOS changed was against Ethereum’s ETH, a competition, noting a 10-percent of the overall reported trading activities.


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Author: Neo Anderson

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