Artificial intelligence mainly known an AI has helped us in many ways to prepare for the global pandemic covid 19.
For example, Blue dot is a global Artificial Intelligence database company which uses natural language processing, machine learning and algorithms to analyze situation from multitude of sources and track over many infectious desieses.
Data for coronavirus studies are available from many government organizations, the White House has setted up a data hub for the covid 19, the hospitals and other data sources include over 24 thousand technical articles, it’s impossible for humans to read all the data and extract critical information.
So natural language processing or (NLP), which is a branch of AI, it is being applied to this vast set of data to extract useful information effectively.
we can use this NLP data to:
1)understand the protein structure of the virus.
2) develop the vaccine faster.
3)Understand treatment options and targets.
4)And also to predict adverse effects.
One of latest algorithms for text processing is called BERT open source by Google.
This algorithm overcomes the limitations of the prior NLP algorithms by looking on words and sentences from both directions left to right and right to left so that they can understand the word in its full context sentences are wrapped to points.
Other forms of textual data or social media data where the people share or talk about the corona virus, Google searches, Twitter feeds and so on, the unstructured nature textual data is what makes advanced NLP a great tool to deal with them.
With this data we can do two things. Machine learning is good at, one is classification and the other is Prediction. With classification we can try to find clusters and find questions about pattern. For example what are the characteristics of people who initially got the disease or what are the locations that are more prone to virus or what ages of people die disproportionately, with prediction we can project the spread of the virus over time.
Artificial intelligence is therefore ultimately, in large contributing in the global effort to combat the epidemic.

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Author: Rosy Verma

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