If Bitcoin Holds Above The $5,500 Region

While the upward price pressure has slowed, resulting in Bitcoin (BTC) posting a mere 0.15% gain in the past 24 hours, some are sure that the cryptocurrency’s chart structure remains bullish. Murad Mahmudov, a founding partner at up-and-coming crypto fund Adaptive Capital, recently broke down his reasoning as to why BTC holding above the $5,500 region could be “quite bullish.”

In a 22-part Twitter thread posted Saturday, Mahmudov, who has risen to prominence to become one of the most well-respected voices in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, drew attention to 20 reasons why Bitcoin is currently bullish. Honestly, 20 may be too many to go through, but NewsBTC will break down the important tidbits.

Reference: https://www.newsbtc.com/2019/05/05/analyst-if-bitcoin-holds-above-the-5500-region-a-megamoonsoon-may-soon-grace-crypto/

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Author: Neo Anderson

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