Kremlin Critic Bankrolls Putin Challenge with $3 Million Bitcoin Haul

Alexei Navalny, who attempted to run for president against Vladimir Putin and continues to be a viable Putin opponent, has raised over $3 million since he began taking Bitcoin donations in 2016. Just yesterday he received close to $10,000.

The cryptocurrency funds leave the wallet soon after they enter it, presumably converted to fiat.

Navalny was disbarred from last year’s election due to a suspended sentence for embezzlement – the irony of which cannot be overstated. Navalny runs on an anti-corruption platform but cannot run for president because he has a corruption charge against him.

Russian media questions the timing of his donations, which correlate with certain reports that Navalny has made public, particularly things viewed as damaging to incumbents.

According to Russian outlet ZNAK, more substantial donations to Navalny have often coincided closely with publications on the part of Navalny. For instance, he published a report about a Putin confidant’s British citizenship just one day after his wallet received nearly 20 BTC.


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Author: Neo Anderson

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