Legendary Millionaire Investor Pivots from ‘Fraud’ to ‘Alive and Well’ on Bitcoin

Bitcoin has converted yet another critic. World-famous investor and emerging markets guru Mark Mobius once called bitcoin a fraud. But in an interview yesterday with Bloomberg he appeared to change his mind, saying it was “alive and well.”

The 81-year-old investor, founder of Mobius Capital Partners, struck a harsh tone on cryptocurrencies last year, slamming the cryptocurrency as a fraud. He shrugged off the growing interest in cryptocurrency and likened the movement to a religion. In the 2017 interview below with Reuters, he said bitcoin was only useful for “illicit activites” and that China was right to clamp down on cryptocurrencies.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/legendary-millionaire-investor-bitcoin-fraud-alive-pivot

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Author: Neo Anderson

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