Mass adoption of blockchain tech is possible, and education is the key

Mainstream adoption of emerging technologies such as blockchain is inevitable, a transformation that younger generations will carry out.Blockchain technology is one of the most promising technologies of our times, and the core concept of it is really simple.Hollywood and the mass media still portray the industry as having a deep criminal element, associating it with the shady past of Silk Road and the darknet.

From a business-to-business perspective, the main obstacles in the way of adopting blockchain technology are additional costs and a total transformation of how business is conducted, resulting in certain jobs becoming redundant. Implementing blockchain technology into a business is an expensive option.

Until we educate people about the endless possibilities that emerging technologies could offer, mass adoption will be hard to achieve. That is why it is essential to bring these technologies and the knowledge about them to younger generations, where real transformations can and should be gained.

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