Monero XMR price analysis; 18 April 2019

For the past two weeks, the XMRUSD duo is exchanging between sixty-two and a half dollars and seventy-two dollars ($62.50 and $72) levels. Since 2nd April 2019, the fast pace of the market was not able to breakdown the opposition at level seventy-two dollars ($72). If the rates manage to break the said level of resistance, the flight will be dominant as it has been in the past.

A few days ago, the worth chopped down to support of sixty-two and a half dollars ($62.50) to recommence an optimistic drive. Later, the bulls continued its hulking drift to trial the resistance level at seventy-two dollars ($72). The bulls were unsuccessful in breaking the level of resistance, and hence the cost of the cryptocurrency was cut down the level of support at the price level of sixty-two dollars ($62.50). In the meantime, the Stochastic is present in the overvalued region but directly above the forty percent (40%) range. This points at the fact that the worth us currently high and is indicating to buy.


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Author: Neo Anderson

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