NFTs are not just for art: As technology matures, more uses will emerge?

Some believe the hype around million-dollar NFT art and digital collectibles is warranted, with new use cases sure to emerge.

Before the age of smartphones allowed the average person on the street to snap a selfie with their favorite celebrity, autographs and signed memorabilia were highly sought after by collectors. Naturally, the value of these real-world, authentic and rare keepsakes are high and remain so today.

Nonfungible tokens have taken the cryptocurrency space by storm in 2021 as various forms of digital collectibles have attracted multi-million-dollar price tags. But are there more fruitful use cases for the burgeoning space than just selling NFTs as art?

As these astronomical values for various NFTs continue to astound onlookers, it begs the question of whether the prices being paid for digital collectibles are creating hype that takes away from other potentially more beneficial use cases for the NFT space.

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