No ‘40% in a Day’ Altcoin Pumps Coming This Bull Market: Mike Novogratz

If you’re on the edge of your seat for the “crazy altcoin pumps” that the market experienced in the 2017 bull run, you might be waiting a long time.

Michael Novogratz, who is at the helm of crypto merchant bank Galaxy Digital, suggests that bitcoin will leave its smaller peers in the dust.

As Novogratz suggested, the crypto market has matured since the last time the bulls were in control. Regulators have clamped down on ICO deals, not to

mention that the freefall in altcoin prices throughout crypto winter was more severe than that of bitcoin, with some coins losing all of their value.

Scams such as BitConnect have been weeded out of the market. That coin saw its worth plummet from as high as $400 to just pennies before collapsing entirely. Certain crypto exchanges have also been exposed for faking trading statistics.


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Author: Neo Anderson

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