No more rug pulls’: Project eliminates human involvement from token distributions

A Polkadot project says the crypto world is too reliant on humans having to trust other humans and has built a transparent, trustless model for distributing tokens. “A Polkadot project with a difference” says it is restoring trust and simplicity to complex token ecosystems and eliminating the centralized distribution models that can render the power of blockchain technology useless.

The current climate makes Polkalokr’s cross-chain functionality more important than ever. And, unlike other Substrate-based projects, the platform says it stands out from the crowd because of how a dedicated in-house Rust developer is a member of its experienced core team.

Moonrock Capital, LD Capital and AU21 Capital recently led a successful private funding round in Polkalokr, and Looking ahead, Polkalokr believes flexible escrow products will play an essential role in the monetary systems of the future — for everything from bank loans to title deeds and the distribution of estates.

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