Now, you can run an Eth2 validator node without fees or penalties

A blockchain financial services provider offers no-fee, no-cut virtual node hosting that includes insurance against slashing penalties. A blockchain financial services provider now offers an Ethereum 2.0 validator node hosting service that does not charge fees or take a cut of the staking rewards.

 Allnodes offers the best service around as well as being the “hosting and staking platform that generates the highest overall income for Eth2 validator nodes” — data that’s backed up by independent research from ConsenSys Codefi. Beyond that, Allnodes boasts a 99.90% uptime service level agreement.

First off, the platform offers anonymous registration through the user’s Ethereum wallet. Not even an email address is required. Secondly, the hosting service does not store user keys — they are sent to Allnodes. Abyss Finance clients have access to their validator keys, and may leave the service at any time.

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