Protocol upgrades and Google Cloud integration lift EOS price 245% in 2021

EOS price hit its highest level since 2018 after protocol upgrades and big-name collaborations attract institutional investors.On April 16 EOS price soared to a new high at $8.49 and the current market structure for the altcoin suggests there is room for further upside.

Google Cloud was also one of the main partners in the aforementioned hackathon and had the goal of helping “build applications that redefine the future of blockchain and cloud-based systems” which helps to combine the transparent nature of blockchain with the speed and security offered by cloud solutions.

Having such an active relationship with a platform under the Google umbrella has given EOSIO increased validity and the filing of an EOS Grayscale trust in late January means that institutional investors now have an easier way to gain access to this growing ecosystem.

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