QuickSwap (QUICK) gains 420% as Polygon’s (MATIC) L2 network attracts new liquidity

Low fees and high yield opportunities briefly pushed QUICK price above the $1,000 mark as the Polygon-based layer-two solution sees adoption from new blockchain projects.As the Ethereum network progresses along with layer-two solutions have arisen as the best solution to the current challenges associated with high gas fees and network congestion.

One layer-two solution that has emerged as a top choice for decentralied finance projects and traders is Polygon, which over the past week, has seen its price of its MATIC token climb toward new highs due to a surge in activity on its QuickSwap decentralized exchange (DEX).

As DeFi activity begins to rise again and a growing number of analysts begin to predict that a new altcoin season is in the works, the Polygon ecosystem and its QuickSwap DEX could pull in more liquidity, especially if Ethereum users choose to use the MATIC bridge to shift over to a layer two-based, low-fee environment.

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