As world is now battling, the global epidemic covid 19. Almost all the countries are in their knees because of this, it has lead to global economic crisis too.
Most of the countries to break the chain of this serious threat are observing lock down, which means all the big industries are closed or are working with very less employ counts. The major work places, as of in this situation, which includes pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and most importantly police to maintain law and order are working to their best.
In this situation of chaos when humans have full stop in their activities, Robots and machines are providing great help to combat with the current situation.

listed above are some major work and help which robotics is providing us to deal with this chaotic situation
1)Automating laboratory research.
2)Helping with logistics.
3)Disinfecting hospitals.
4)Providing help to educational institutions, colleagues and loved once to connect through telepresence.
5)robotics skills are also providing great help to produce PPE and ventilators.
6)Drones are used to keep a look on the public places to avoid breach of lock down.
7) Robotics is of great help in making and delivering critical supplies to health care workers and to the public as they shelter in place.
8) They can also collect nasal and throat samples, including body temperature for testing.
Countries like china and Italy, to deal with this infectious disease, are using Robots in the hospitals to avoid contact and speedy recovery of the covid patients.
The robots, supplied by Beijing-based robotics company Cloud Minds , can clean and disinfect, deliver medicine to patients and measure their temperature too.

As we are using robotics to deal with the present scenario, it can lead to some set of changes which we can notice in the future way of operating of the organizations. Researchers explained.
“Rather than cancelling large international exhibitions and conferences, new forms of gathering – virtual rather than in-person attendance – may increase,” they said.

Hope this was helpful in understanding the crucial role which robotics is playing in combating this global crisis.

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Author: Rosy Verma

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