Roger Ver Compares Bitcoin Maximalists to Violent Left Extremists

A group of “Antifa” or anti-fascist demonstrators recently beat up a journalist, which has reignited the conversation around “free speech.”

Ver then discussed the “punch a Nazi” meme or the question of whether or not it’s okay to punch a Nazi. Touching briefly on what happened to a journalist at an Antifa rally, Ver gets to the point: the same group thinking, violent mentality deployed by Antifa is prevalent among Bitcoin “maximalists.”

For years, Ver has asserted that moderating on Reddit and BitcoinTalk amount to “censorship” of dissenting views. Ver has always believed that increasing the block size was the first and most valid way to scale the Bitcoin blockchain.

Gradually, a philosophical divide emerged between Ver and other veteran members of the community. Over years, these groups solidified into “big block” and “small block” camps. Each has enough people to form a “community,” and that’s precisely what they did in 2017, with the establishment of Bitcoin Cash.


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Author: Neo Anderson

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