Samsung is looking to snag Paris-based AI startups

Samsung is opening up global AI centres at a rapid pace but reports suggest the Korean giant is hoping Paris can bolster the firm’s talent.

Around 30 AI experts are based at Samsung’s current Paris office working on research and development projects.

The Paris-based AI lab of Samsung is smaller than centres based in London, Toronto, and Montreal. While the lab itself is smaller than its counterparts elsewhere in the world, Samsung is seeking local partners to help advance its AI ambitions.

Sohn Young-kwon, Chief Strategy Officer of Samsung, is due to visit the Paris office in May to review its plans and meet local AI startups. These firms could be up for potential acquisition.

“Companies that could create synergies with Samsung’s AI lab are being identified for possible M&As,” local news outlet Maeil Business News reported.

Samsung has invested in 13 AI-related startups so far. Among the most notable is Viv Labs, founded by the creators of Siri.


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