Stanford’s institute ensuring AI ‘represents humanity’ lacks diversity

An institute established by Stanford University to address concerns that AI may not represent the whole of humanity is lacking in diversity.

The goal of the Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence is admirable, but the fact it consists primarily of white males brings into doubt its ability to ensure adequate representation.

Cybersecurity expert Chad Loder noticed that not a single member of Stanford’s new AI faculty was black. Tech site Gizmodo reached out to Stanford and the university quickly added Juliana Bidadanure, an assistant professor of philosophy.

Part of the institute’s problem could be the very thing it’s attempting to address – that, while improving, there’s still a lack of diversity in STEM-based careers. With revolutionary technologies such as AI, parts of society are in danger of being left behind.

The institute has backing from some big-hitters. People like Bill Gates and Gavin Newsom have pledged their support that “creators and designers of AI must be broadly representative of humanity.”


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Author: Neo Anderson

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