Teenage Crypto Millionaire Shills Dilbert Creator’s WHEN Token

One of bitcoin’s youngest millionaires, Erik Finman, made a major declaration on Friday. Crypto adopters will get fabulously wealthy over the next decade, he claimed recently. And now, he says, those fortunes could be made with the WHEN token. He believes it will be the next huge thing in crypto.

The WHEN token, for those unfamiliar, is backed by WhenHub, a company founded by Dilbert creator Scott Adams. WhenHub has several uses at the moment, including donations to content creators, along with an ecosystem where people can learn from experts and pay with WHEN tokens rather than cash.

YouTube is currently running a major crackdown against controversial videos and creators. The cause is a spat between Vox writer Carlos Maza and right-wing comedian Steven Crowder. Maza demanded that YouTube stop monetization on Crowder’s videos. YouTube originally declined to do so, but

then flip-flopped. At the same time, it punished a huge range of other videos covering controversial topics, such as Nazi Germany. Much of the banned content appears to be anti-extremist nature, rather than designed to promote fringe views.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/teenage-crypto-millionaire-shills-when-token

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Author: Neo Anderson

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