This blockchain can scale to 100,000 TPS. Here’s what that would mean for you

An all-in-one blockchain that can be configured as a public, personal, or enterprise platform makes the case that it is the fastest and most scalable platform on the market.A blockchain network delivers unlimited scalability and a record-breaking 100,000 transactions per second — features that could transform the way this technology is used.

A report published by renowned management consulting firm Arthur D. Little has praised Digital Transaction’s suite of “killer applications” for providing real-world business solutions — and shortlisted a range of compelling use cases where ParallelChain can offer an upper hand over rival blockchains. 

Most recently, Digital Transaction launched its ERC-20 native utility token, XPLL, which is currently in its private sale phase and set to hit exchanges soon. XPLL holders can store their tokens in the ParallelWallet or any ERC-20 compatible wallet. Aside from trading, the token can be used to redeem for ParallelChain-supported product licenses and earned for running network nodes on its blockchain.

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