Tokenpay Wants to Lure More Women to Crypto, with Heidi Klum’s Lingerie

As empty as the phrase may be, most people agree that we need more women in blockchain. “You can’t have a revolution and leave out half of the population,” insists Celsius Network’s Alex Mashinsky, also the inventor of VOIP.

Yet, while most people look to education, user experience, the learning curve, or how to foster the female talent pipeline, Swiss payment app TokenPay believes it’s found the way to raise awareness in women.

Lingerie and cryptocurrency don’t make immediate bedfellows. It rather raises the question–could something so basic really be the way to broaden crypto’s appeal?

If it is, perhaps we’ve been banging our heads against the wall for too long. Instead of trying to dream up ways of making blockchain more interesting than it really is, should we be looking at the low-hanging fruit instead?


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Author: Neo Anderson

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