Topps baseball card maker and MLB will issue official NFTs

A set of Topps Series 1 Baseball nonfungible token collectibles will be issued by the major card maker in partnership with Major League Baseball and MLB Players Inc.A set of nonfungible tokens will be issued by the United States’ leading trading card maker Topps in partnership with Major League Baseball and MLB Players Inc.

A range of cards of varying degrees of rarity from “common” to “legendary,” as well as limited edition and platinum anniversary cards, will be available for purchase; moreover,  Evan Kaplan, managing director of MLB Players, said:

“As collectibles enjoy a breakout moment with NFTs and blockchain technology, we can’t think of a better way to honor the legendary players from years past and look forward to the incredible careers ahead of today’s stars and breakout rookies.” 

In the wider U.S. baseball world, Cointelegraph recently reported that MLB’s Oakland Athletics has this year begun accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as payment for home season suites and intends to hold onto the cryptocurrency obtained from any suite sales. Meanwhile, blockchain sports firms, such as Chiliz, have also been eyeing the MLB fanbase via sports fan tokens. 

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