Uranium Finance developer suspected of ‘leaking’ information leading to $50M exploit

A member of Uranium Finance’s developer team said they suspect that the recent hack of the platform may have originated internally. They’ve urged affected users not to contact any other members of the Uranium Finance team.The $50 million exploit of Uranium Finance, a decentralized finance protocol on Binance Smart Chain, may have been an inside job, according to a member of the project’s development team. 

A separate Telegram group for victims of the attack has already been created, with over 1,200 members at the time of writing. In a pinned message, Baymax told affected users that they will provide further updates as they come. “[W]hales or users that lost more than $300K+ should pm me,” they said.

The stolen funds are already on the move, with the perpetrator funneling millions through Tornado Cash, an Ethereum-based privacy tool. Security exploits and hacks are nothing new for the cryptocurrency community. According to at least one estimate, there were 122 crypto-related hacks in 2020 alone, with the exploited assets worth billions at today’s prices.

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